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Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Lost Gulch Lookout Engagement Session | Boulder, CO

These tips are for any type of photo session but let's face it, I'm a wedding photographer so most of my clients are needing engagement session advice. Well I have 5 great tips to get you started in thinking about what locations might be best for your photo session! As always, if you're hiring a professional photographer speak to them about location ideas as well. We always have our favorites and our location knowledge can lend a hand to your session ideas!

First, start to think about what style you are going for in your photos. Are you thinking urban and cool, or mountainous and earthy? Once you narrow down the idea behind your session it'll help a lot when it comes to choosing the location. A lot of people think that location doesn't matter. When they think of photography they believe everything can be photoshopped out, or made to look a way that it truly doesn't. And while yes, this does exist, you have to find the photographer that has that style of photography. Because not all of us wish to edit our images to look nothing like they did when we first created them in the camera. But maybe I'm just a bit old school in the sense that I like to use my camera and lens as my paint and paintbrush, so to speak. Anyways, location is key when it comes to your photo session.

Second, golden hour. If you're already working with a photographer and they haven't told you what golden hour is, shame on them. Golden hour is the hour to hour and a half after sunrise, and before sunset, part of the day. A lot of photographers won't schedule sessions outside of golden hour. Us wedding photographers don't always get that luxury. But golden hour is a key component when it comes to choosing your location. Because I can guarantee you that no matter what location you choose, it will be better during the golden hour. So no matter where you choose to have it, make sure you talk to your photographer about the best time of day to have it as well.

Thirdly, what season do you want to have your session in? Sometimes we don't always give ourselves enough time to have the choice of what season, but it's always best if you do! Personally, I prefer Spring and Summer for sessions. I love the greenery everywhere, all the wild flowers, and the warm mountain temperatures. If you're lucky enough to live in a place as beautiful as Colorado than you can pretty much get away with having your session in any time of year. Because we always have the mountains to run to for year round beauty. But other states aren't so lucky and their residents may need to rely even more heavily on what time of year they'll have their photos done. Just remember that Fall, Winter, and Spring can mean dead grass, no leaves on the trees, and even snow. Now the Fall can be tricky because we all get those beautiful colors come early Fall but some years they don't always last as long as others. If you're lucky enough to get a session booked during the Fall colors relish in it!

And finally, while location is an important part of the story telling it doesn't have to be the most epic places. When you're in love and your love for each other shows through no matter the situation then location is just the second best thing. What truly matters is that you are all excited for your session! You have to be ready and wanting to have fun. Enjoy the moments, make them memories, and be grateful of the life you're living. I can't tell you how much the little details don't matter so much when the people in front of my camera are all about each other. ;)

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