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I know some pretty amazing adventure wedding photographers in Colorado. It's given me the opportunity to break into the game myself, especially the ever growing niche of snowboarding weddings, elopements & engagement sessions! I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Savannah Chandler Photography on this snowboarding wedding at Arapahoe Basin Ski Resort just before Christmas this past year. Oh what a joy it was! If you follow me anywhere on social media you know that snowboarding IS life. It's one of my all time favorite things to do on this earth. Powder days feel like Heaven on Earth. So there is no better thing that to combine my passions of snowboarding and photography. Photography snowboarding elopements, weddings, and engagements is a new challenge but one that I'm so excited for. It doesn't get any harder than this folks. Carrying your gear - your expensive and heavy gear- up a chairlift and then snowboard with it down the mountain as you photograph quickly moving subjects while still trying to get in the surroundings and make sure you get it in focus. But there is no greater feeling than this for someone like me. It's the world, the bees knees, the bread and butter, just all around awesomeness in every way. I'm addicted, hooked, a fiend, I'm totally and utterly in love with it.

So if you're planning a different kind of adventure for your wedding, elopement or engagement session, think of me. Think of me as your adventure buddy, your photographer, your hype man. I'm down with it all. Just take a look at what your day could ultimately look like.

Audrey and Ted did it all right. We met up with them before their mid mountain ceremony and headed straight to the top. We did some romantic portraits at the top before shredding down to the ceremony. After a chilly, but very bundled up ceremony at the epic Black Mountain Lodge with a KILLER backdrop, we shredded down to the bottom to finish the day. Their family and friends joined in on the runs. Audrey let her traditional wedding dress fly like the snowboarding queen that she is. I mean, it was pure perfection in the eyes of an avid snowboarding queen myself. Haha Check it out below! Prepare to want to shred your day!

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Wedding Photography
Black Mountain Lodge Snowboarding Wedding Ceremony

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