Beautiful Golden, CO Sunrise Engagement Shoot

I get the pleasure of being these two's wedding photographer next April at Arrowhead Golf Club! We had their engagement session recently and let me tell you these two are so in love. I barely had to say anything to them. I would just have them in a space and tell them to just love on each other. And they did just that the entire session! The way Josh looks at Becky, and vice versa, you can see the sparkle in their eyes as they look into each other's. I feel very honored to get the opportunity to capture these two's love story. I couldn't ask for a more loving couple.

Becky wore blue jeans, a white blouse, and RED cowgirl boots, yes I said red! They were so cute! Josh wore blue jeans and a plaid blue & red shirt. They were absolutely adorable. When they changed they got a little more dressed up for me! Becky put a white lace dress on and tan boot while Josh changed his shirt and put a suit jacket and dress shoes on. Both their outfit choices were perfect!

I was so happy when Becky wanted to do their session in Golden! I had never actually explored Golden before besides having been to Lookout Mountain before. She had me meet them near a trail along the creek and we just walked it for a little while before heading up to Lookout Mountain.

I'm so excited for Becky & Josh's Spring wedding next year! Their big day is going to be draped in their love and everyone's love for them. I'm counting down the days almost as much as they are!!!

Thank you Becky & Josh for choosing me to help you capture your love story and the first day of the rest of your lives together!


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