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Updated: Dec 4, 2019

There are so many wonderful spots in and around Denver, CO that make for great engagement session locations! Some locations are used by many and some are more of a hidden gem. I'm going to let you in on a few engagement session tips before you start planning. Most locations across Colorado requiring photographers to have a photography permit, especially the epic locations. Some places require a fee, and some don't, it just depends. Always ask your photographer about location permit requirements because most of us have done the research. And generally, we have to be the one to apply for the permits as proof of our General Liability business insurance is required.

1. City Park Denver, Downtown Denver, and Sloan's Lake in Denver, Colorado

I gave you three different locations in my first pick but that is because they all go so well in a session together. These are all very well known locations for photoshoots. Like all spots that are well known; weekdays are the best days to shoot. The prime time of the day for photographers is during the 2 hours before sunset time. Therefore, sunrise is always the best bet when it comes to time of day to shoot. And with a sunrise session you can do a weekend day with no one around, even at the most popular locations. :)

City Park gives you great views of the Denver skyline with the Rocky Mountains layered behind it. It's a staple view of Denver with many famous photographs of this beautiful city being taken from right here. City Park is very large with a body of water, lots of large trees, great landscaping, fountains, and more. City Park is a great location during peak Spring blossom time as it has large crab apple trees all over. Just be very careful when rolling around in the grass here because another photographer recently got poison Ivy from this location after a Spring blossom session. Eeek.

Downtown has a plethora of spots. It's a really good place to just adventure all over for a couple hours with the couple. There are so many little gems in downtown that it's a good place to just get lost while photographing a session. You know, one of those carefree sessions where the couple is down to explore with you and it maybe ends in a rooftop bar or some cool coffee house afterwards. ;) If you want to do one of those sessions contact me; they're my fave!

2. The quiet little town of Golden, Colorado

Golden, CO has a few hidden gems located within it's town limits. You can really customize your session in Golden with a few locations because you can quickly get to a few different places. The Colorado Railroad Museum is located there and it gives a cute, historical spin to an otherwise more outdoorsy session. Just be sure to call the museum ahead of time and clear it with management first. And always remember to take heed of the rules your location has. Clear Creek goes right through town and has an awesome trail along the north side with little nooks to access the waterside. This location often times has a few more people but it's large enough to still feel semi secluded most the time.

Golden is a great town for an adventure session. With it's unique location nestled between North Table Mountain and the Rockies and it's small town charm it makes for a great place to explore on a session. You can go from mountain views to having local brews in a matter of minutes without having to go to a mountain town. I absolutely love doing sessions in Golden, it's actually one of my favorite towns in Colorado. <3

3. Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

Lookout Mountain is a bit of a grey area when it comes to photography permits... I included it because most photographers think you don't need a permit. And that is true if you stay in the Golden, CO part of the area. But a permit IS needed in Lookout Mountain park by the city of Denver because it is one of Denver Mountain Parks.

This is another location that can be paired with the town of Golden because it's only a 10-15 minute drive from the town. I've photographed full sessions here, as well as used it as a secondary location to Golden lots, too. It's a great little spot to get those mountain views and stay right in the Front Range.

Ok so all in all, I gave you more than 3 spots to go for your engagement session. But now you know of multiple locations that are good to be used for one session. I love changing it up and having multiple locations. It's also great when you have spots that have meaning to you and your future spouse! We can visit the place you had your first date, where the proposal happened, or even your own kitchen while you two make dinner together. :)

Contact me to book your engagement session today! We can get together over drinks and photography and discuss the experience of hiring Nat Moore Photography for your wedding and engagement photos!

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