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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Session


Why You Should Do One with Your Wedding Photographer

Are you debating whether you should do an engagement session or not? Maybe your wedding photographer offers one that is complimentary in your wedding package but you have been thinking about skipping it and asking for a discount instead. I'm going to give you several great reasons why you should not skip your engagement session and why in particular you should make sure to do one with your wedding photographer, and how to prepare for it.

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Your wedding day is an important one, for some it's the most important days of your life. That's why you're going through all this stress to plan out the perfect day. You've bought an amazing dress, picked out a beautiful venue, sent invitations to your closest friends and family, and you've chosen to invest a good amount of money into an amazing wedding photographer to make sure all the moments are captured beautifully and your day is preserved for you to look back on forever. Well, your engagement session is another facet of your wedding planning. It's actually one of the most fun parts of all the planning. You get to meet up with you photographer at a location that is centered around your relationship with your future life partner. Then you wander, have fun, laugh, kiss, and even dance maybe. If your photographer is like me, you'll think about your future wedding vows and several reasons why you love this person you're going to marry so much. You'll whisper funny things in each other's ears, you'll pop champagne and spray it all over, you hop and skip while holding hands. I'm the type of photographer who is always looking for ways to bring out the real you in your photos. I want those genuine moments and real laughter. I want you to have so much fun that we make memories while taking your engagement photos. And in that is the reason why you shouldn't skip your engagement photos. They're an important and fun part of the whole wedding process. They're not a moment to be missed out on. Even the most self proclaimed awkward people have fun and get beautiful images from their engagement sessions with me. And trust me, many people believe themselves to be "awkward" and "not photogenic". Lies I tell ya.

But the reason you want to make sure to do your engagement session with the wedding photographer you're hiring is another thing. From a professional photographer standpoint, engagement sessions are a necessary fun part of preparing for your wedding day. They help us to get to know you better. We get to know the best ways to photograph you. For me, I learn more about you and how to interact with you in the most natural ways. It's also a chance for you to get to know me more. By doing so, you get more comfortable with me and with my camera. Engagement sessions are so helpful for your wedding day photos. You'll have the chance to look through the images and know which looks you may like best, and maybe even find a face you do that you thought you'd like but don't really. They're helpful in preparing myself and my clients for the wedding day photos.

So what's the best way to prepare for your engagement session?

First, choose a location that is special to you and your partner, for one reason or another. Is it where you first met or had your first date? Maybe it's a park you've gone to watch the sunset at before or a trail you've hiked together. Or maybe it's just a spot that you find is gorgeous and you both revel in the sight of it. I believe the location is something to think a moment about. And if you can find a really special place then it's worth chatting about it with your photographer to see if it'll be a great place for your session.

The next thing to help prepare you would be getting an outfit or two together. If you're a more casual fun couple or like to dress up a bit, that is totally up to you. I always recommend going to Pinterest for outfit ideas. You can put in the style you like and then "engagement photo outfits" and it will pop up with tons of ways to incorporate your fashion style into your engagement outfits.

Another thing I recommend you do to prepare for your engagement session is read your photographer's "Get to Know Me" or "About Me" page on their website. Then go to their personal instagram (if they have one that's open to the public) and just do a little bit of stalking to learn a little about them. I can almost guarantee you they've stalked your social media and have tried to learn as much about you as possible. This just helps to be get comfortable more quickly around someone you might not really know yet. I promise if you've read a few of their posts you'll feel like you know them more and you maybe haven't even met them yet.

Lastly, and only if this is possible to do, try to meet with your photographer about an hour or two before your scheduled engagement session time to go grab a beer and a snack together. When I've done this with couples in the past it tends to make the engagement session just go that much smoother. Plus, I think I'm a tad more funny after a beer or two. LOL If you don't drink alcohol then maybe just grab a coffee or an appetizer together if you can. Any time for you to get to meet and know each other better before getting in front of the camera will always make for a more smooth transition into being camera ready and comfortable.

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