Michelle & Jovanni | Chief Hosa Lodge Colorado Wedding | Nat Moore Photography

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

But I've been going through old albums to be able to blog ones I hadn't blogged yet. This wedding stood out to me back then and still stands out to me now. I was second shooting for a fellow photographer with a contract company we freelanced for. That's why some images may seem like they are missing. Michelle and Jovanni were just plain cool, and so much fun. There is something special that happens when couples are laid back and having fun. Wedding photographers have a ton of pressure on them to never miss a special moment while producing consistent and beautiful images. And if they are like me they add a little extra pressure to themselves because they also want to continue growing and be creative. Creativity isn't always possible if the wedding timeline is tight or if they feel added pressure from the overall mood of the wedding people. So when couples are giving off laid back and joyful vibes it opens up my creative brain because it takes off some of the other pressures of the job. I didn't get to get overly creative at this wedding because I wasn't the main photographer. I never want to step on any toes or be a nuisance to the main photographer. But while I was there, I realized that I love this job and I am able produce beautiful images while connecting with people and capturing those raw moments between them. I also got to have fun shooting the details as the second photographer.

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