Sunrise Adventure Bridal Session in Summit County Colorado by Nat Moore Photography

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Kate & James won this adventure bridal session with me through a giveaway I did on social media. We had originally planned it for the Spring but I had medical things come up and they happily pushed it to the Fall. Kate had mentioned her favorite trees were Aspen trees and that she was hoping to find some color for our session, so Fall was perfect.

A few days before their session I went out to scout locations at sunrise. We were going to start at Sapphire Point and I knew that it was gorgeous all the time no matter what so I went to 2 different trails in Summit County to check them out. Colorado had gotten its first snow already and it was really early in the Fall. Because of that most the leaves had fallen or changed to a murky brown color so I was on the hunt to find some color for Kate. I came across this awesome patch of smaller Aspen trees that were holding onto to their golden leaves for dear life. The younger trees tend to hold their leaves longer than their older counterparts so it was the perfect find.

When we chose the date of their session we had no idea what the weather was going to be. Just like most any day in Colorado actually. Haha We woke up to below freezing temps in Denver and so it only got colder as we climbed into the mountains for their session. It was a whopping 6 degrees when we started. I felt extremely bad even asking them to get out of their car let alone asking Kate to drop the 2 blankets and jacket she had on. I had multiple layers on with gloves but it was so cold on Lake Dillon I even grabbed a blanket from my car to wrap around me while I took photos. But with as cold as it was Lake Dillon did not disappoint with a wispy, steamy looking fog rolling along the top of the water for sunrise.

Adventure bridal sessions are a ton of fun. If you don't know exactly what that is, it's usually when a couple is already married and already have their bridal wear and we head off somewhere cool for a session. It's very laid back and all about the couple, a lot like elopement weddings! Reasons I typically hear to do an adventure bridal session are that the couple either didn't like their wedding photos or didn't really have enough time in their wedding day to get the wedding photos they really wanted. And a few times it's been because they didn't like their wedding photographer all together. These are all great reasons for an adventure bridal session! But you don't need any of them to do one because they are just so much and give you a reason to put back on your amazing wedding dress that would otherwise never leave your closet again.

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